Thursday, May 18, 2017

Donate a Day - Thank You!

Thank You for Donate a Day at Emmanuel House (a Saturday in April)

Dear St. Francis, (From: Emmanuel House)
Your Donate A Day volunteers came to us last Saturday and they were beyond wonderful.  Thank you for Donate A Day!
On behalf of the residents, caregivers and Sisters at Emmanuel House, we want to say THANK YOU to everyone who participated in Donate A Day at Emmanuel House, Home for the Elderly.
The paint jobs look fabulous, the yard is beautiful and the treats you left behind were delicious!  Each volunteer was kind, generous and did great work. You were also among the very best organized people we have ever had come to serve.  Our hearts are very grateful and you are each in our prayers.

Joey and I did what we did to make a difference. It felt great to be helping out and to see how nice everything looked when we were done. "  Joey and Greg Steinl

For me, being a volunteer is something that brings me such joy, peace, and happiness. It's a replenish of good energy. Every time is a different learning, and a different smile on a face. And this, is priceless!   Indaiá Leibovitch

I know from experience that it can be very difficult to find honest, safe care for someone who has no family to help with placement.  The Sisters and their crew of volunteers at both Emmanuel House residences were a true blessing to the ladies they have helped. I hope the Ypsilanti house will be able to continue its work.  Mary Hayden

"I read about Donate a Day in the bulletin and I thought, 'I could do that.'  Then I thought, 'No, I SHOULD do that.'    Amy Visel

"To serve the Sisters & the all volunteer staff who care to the needs of these elderly ladies is a blessing! "Many hands, make light work" is true with those who come out! Great group...great weather...what a perfect Earth Day!!"  Donna Krukowski

We accomplished many tasks:  Yard work, Furniture moving, Painting indoors, Window Washing inside and outside.

Thanks to all who worked so generously: Jane Antosiak, Rick Billau, Brad Clinger, Laura Hammond & Luke Hammond, Donna Krukowski, Indaiá Leibovitch, Brian ONeil, Marianne Powell, Tom Powell, Jim Ryder, Thomas Ryder, Matthew Ryder and Dylan Ryder, Greg Steinl, Joey Steinl, Amy Visel, Jim Wiseman, Linda Wiseman & (John) Ion Covali Wiseman & Scott Wright. Donate a Day Pictures thanks to John Ion Covali Wiseman

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