Monday, June 21, 2021

THANK YOU for the Food Drive to Corpus Christi

THANK YOU for the Food Drive to Corpus Christi, Detroit

The St. Vincent Service Ministry would like to thank the St. Francis parishioners who assisted our June Food Drive for our sister parish, Corpus Christi. We appreciate all who donated food, personal products, or money, and all who helped load the trailers and cars that delivered the items to Detroit. As a result of your kindness, we were able to provide Corpus Christi with 425 bags of provisions.

We want to thank the many parishioners who did the shopping, those who offered to help when leaving Mass, as well as a special thank you to our trailer crew, Linda Wiseman and Jim Wiseman, and all who assisted in any way especially: Catherine Bass, Katherine Batteh, Liz Batteh, Catherine Bettcher, Teri Billau, Zachary Damon, Mary Davis, Norma Doyle, Marilyn Fitzpatrick, Sister Francis Gerhard, Mary Hayden, Donna Krukowski, Brian O'Neil, Marianne Powell, Hilde Preston, Elaine Quinn, Matt Schnaidt, Curtis Simpson Jr., Curtis Simpson III, Kameryn Simpson, Alicia Southam, Mark Spieles, Kim Spieles, Carlton Walker, Rhonda Walker, Paul Ward, Teresa Welsh, James Wiseman, Linda Wiseman, Scott Wright, Ed Wright & Sharon Wright.

We thank you Mary for writing this "thank you" text and naming others who helped.
"What an amazing and awesome day! We are truly Blessed and to God be all the Glory!"   -
- Curtis Simpson, Jr., Programs Coordinator, Northwest Detroit Youth Coalition
& Director of Christian Service, Corpus Christi Parish  

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Catholic Build Update 5/26

Our Habitat for Humanity Catholic Build Partner Parishes have been busy at the volunteer days at the Patterson Family's Future Home! 

Thanks to all volunteers who have joined in this build...
St. Joseph Catholic Church, Dexter;
St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Ann Arbor;
St. Mary Catholic Parish, Chelsea.

Attached here are a few pictures AND you can view and download more here:

All information about the house, family and volunteering (including links to sign up and complete volunteer waivers) is available at

The house will be:  835 Lamay Ave., Ypsilanti
and the future Habitat family is 



This habitat house renovation is happening because of the generous support from our parish in partnership with neighboring parishes in Washtenaw County. Together volunteers from several parishes will be working to complete renovations.       This year, we are hoping to collectively raise $20,000 to help support the cost of renovation materials for the house.

Thank you for your support of our Habitat families and affordable housing.
We sincerely appreciate you all continuing to support us, especially this year.

Leah Borst
Development - Corporate and Faith Relations
Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley 
2805 S. Industrial Hwy., Suite 100, Ann Arbor MI 48104
Office: 734-882-2004 

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

THANK YOU for the Shelter at Alpha House!

Thank You for the Shelter at Alpha House!

Some families who are facing a housing crisis are blessed to temporarily reside at Interfaith Hospitality Network Alpha House while seeking to resettle into a home place of their own.

St. Francis Of Assisi parishioners host, each year, two weeks of providing for the meals and activities.  During one week there are about 180 meals provided, 7 evenings of playtime, at least 3 baskets full of extra weekly personal products and grocery supplies, and hundreds of prayers for the families and the success of our week of service.   The families are very appreciative of the generosity from our St Francis community. A special thank you to our coordinator, Mark Sturgis !!  What a blessing and generous !! 

Thank you also to all of the many volunteers who have participated in this biannual service project. On behalf of St. Francis, I want to thank you for your service.  .... Jane Antosiak, Sally Atkins-Burnett, Kristy Bonasso, Anne Bruienne, Barbara Kelly-Ferris, Mary Hayden, Judy Inge, Chris Kempton, Dcn. Gene Leger, Theresa MacLean, Chris Mollo, Ann & Bruce Moln, Brian O'Neil, Elizabeth Peters, Catherine Pietryga, Deborah Purcell, Prasanthi Senanayake, Sharon Sheldon, Mark Spieles, Mark Sturgis, Elizabeth Tocce, Lanka van Dort, Linda Wiseman, Barbara Zinser, as well as our prayer team - Carol Rosiek, & Patricia To. 

(Since Mark will not be available to coordinate, our next week of shelter September 20-26, 2021, we are now beginning a search for a new coordinator for those two weeks of hosting Alpha House.   Would you have any nominations or recommendations of people who might be well suited or interested?)  

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

St. Francis sends a message to Congress: Do your taxes pay for these...

Dear Friends of St. Francis,

Please help our parish to send a strong message to Congress: 
Our taxpayer dollars should
NOT pay for abortion.

Your voice is needed now because life-saving laws and provisions are currently in jeopardy, as powerful elected officials have called for their elimination. 

Because of the incredibly high stakes and urgent need for a massive quantity of signatures, our US. Conference of Catholic Bishops are calling on us to sign this petition for members of Congress in support of the Hyde Amendment and similar laws. 

By the first week of June please take a minute to sign the petition yourself at:

Do your taxes pay for these??

Tax Filing Season - St. Francis - Thank You!!

Tax Filing Season - Thank You St. Francis !!

We especially want to thank: Julie Soyer (our St. Francis program coordinator) and her team members: Jim Birchler, Walter Carrara, John Hamel, Lawrence Yonovitz, Harry Laughlin, Daryl Sell, Scott Wright & Jim Russo.  You are all  so amazing!  Thank you so much for your dedication this year! We echo the sentiment expressed by our IRS Office representative here ...

Every year, I'm impressed by the accomplishments of IRS-SPEC employees and VITA/TCE partners. But your work this filing season truly leaves me in awe.

Despite many challenges – including the pandemic, tax law changes and a filing season that was over a month longer than anticipated – you found safe ways to provide free and accurate tax return preparation. Millions of people benefitted from the work of the VITA/TCE program his year. This shows that VITA/TCE is more than just a program… it is a cause.

In addition to free tax return preparation, you also educated your communities by sharing outreach messages. Thanks to your dedication, taxpayers are benefiting from tax credits and other benefits. These refunds and payments make a real difference for families across the country.

Though this filing season is over, I'm excited for the rest of the year. Our employees and partners are already developing training and resource materials. We are reviewing the best practices and suggestions we've received. We're planning additional outreach to underserved communities. And partners are submitting their grant applications. All of this will help us deliver another spectacular filing season in 2022.

Thank you!

Frank Nolden
Director, Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication (SPEC)

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Thank You St. Francis for the Day at Emmanuel House

Thank You St. Francis for the Day at Emmanuel House:    

Enjoy the photos here.   Our Donate-a-Day at Emmanuel House was a day of perfect weather and fun and blessings while working together on yard work, planting, trimming, raking.   Emmanuel House, Home for elderly adults who are no longer capable of living alone and have limited income and support and is sponsored by Servants of God's Love, a Catholic Religious Community in Ann Arbor.  Emmanuel House is run entirely by volunteers.  

Thank You St. Francis Volunteers:  Achilles Aquino, Harold Aquino, Katherine Batteh, Liz Batteh, Susan Bright, Maxine Bruienne, Pepijn Bruienne, Megan Butler, Christy Cuthbertson, Tom Cuthbertson, Sara Davalos, Gustavo Davalos, Marisol Davis, Gougas Ghougassian, Mary Hayden, Stacey Johns, Emmett Reeves, Stefano Mengozzi, Brian ONeil, Christopher Raveendra, Tess Raveendra, Anita Repp, Adam Repp, Connor Rzeszut, John Rzeszut, Teresa Welsh, Jim Wiseman, Linda Wiseman, Lynn Shock, & Scott Wright.