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Tax Program with English & Spanish-speaking Tax Aides handsraised

Experienced parishioners volunteer their time to assist individuals in need, and with limited income and simple Income Tax Returns.  To volunteer contact Scott Wright (734-821-2100).

Our program is run at St. Francis Parish Office on Saturday mornings February - April.    Bilingual individuals encouraged to join.  Must be 16 or older to volunteer as tax preparer.   We provide the training and the opportunity to apply the knowledge.

handsraised [Tax Aides Needed!]
¡Buscamos Asistentes para Declaraciones de Impuestos! ¿Le gusta ayudar a los demás?

La Parroquia de San Francisco busca voluntarios para ayudar a familias de bajos ingresos obtener créditos tributarios de Michigan y para asistir en la preparación de formularios básicos de declaración de impuestos. Proporcionamos el entrenamiento necesario y la oportunidad de usar los conocimientos en los sábados de febrero a abril.     ¿Interesado? Regístrese en el sitio web de St. Francis o contacte a Scott (821-2121).

Need Help with Your Tax Return?

¿Necesita ayuda con su declaración de impuestos?

 La Parroquia de San Francis ofrecerá ayuda a personas con ingresos limitados y con una declaración de impuestos simple. Podemos preparar declaraciones solamente para personas con ingresos de $45.000 (cuarenta y cinco mil dólares) o menos. Miembros de nuestra parroquia, con experiencia,  ofrecerán su tiempo a áquellos que necesiten ayuda en su declaración de impuestos sobre el ingreso. Haga una cita de 45 minutos, llamando a la Oficina de la Parroquia (734-821-2121). Ofreceremos este servicio: Todos los sábados desde el 1 de febrero hasta el 4 de abril del 2020, (a excepción del 11 de marzo que es Pascua de Resurrección), desde las 10:30 am  hasta las 12:30pm. Lugar: Edificio de la Oficina de la Parroquia.

(Por favor no llegue,  sin haber hecho una cita con anterioridad. Inscríbase antes del viernes anterior a su cita del sábado. No podemos prometerle que nos reuniremos con usted si no ha hecho una cita con anticipación.)

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 Need Help With Your Tax Return???

St. Francis Church will offer help to individuals with limited income and simple tax returns.  

We can only prepare returns with income of $45,000.00 or less.

Experienced parishioners volunteer their time to assist those in need, on their Income Tax Return.  Call the parish office (734-821-2121) to make a 45-minute appointment.  We're offering this service :  10:30AM to 12:30PM. Every Saturday,  February 1 through April 4, 2020 (Closed April 11, 2020, because it is Holy Saturday & Easter.)

Location: Parish Office meeting room. (Do not just walk-in, please sign-up by the Friday before your Saturday appointment. We cannot promise to meet with you unless you sign up in advance.) 

For our St. Francis Parish Canticle Newsletter, the following article ...

Surprise! About $1,550.00 Just For You!  

Our team of parishioners who do simple Income Tax Returns for people in our area, relayed this story of an elderly lady who was told she didn't have to file federal taxes. And then when she learned about our St. Francis tax program and began to understand the notion of possibly receiving a small refund her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree! Her apprehension quickly turned to motivation.  She was a homeowner and eligible for the State of Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit.  We were able to file for her for a period of 3 years and help her get about $1,000 in refunds.  Every year she continues to receive refunds. She told her volunteer that if she received a refund she could get her car fixed and help her daughter and grandchild financially. When the appointment was done she walked away wiping tears from her eyes. She looked at the volunteer hugged her and said "I can't believe you are helping me, I wish there were more programs like this in the world."

Imagine helping over 100 clients, get a total of over $155,000 in tax refunds!  That is an average of about $1,550.00 for each client/family.   At St. Francis Parish Office a TEAM of parishioners experienced and trained in doing simple Income Tax Returns, volunteer their time to assist individuals in need, with limited income file tax forms on Saturday mornings February - April.  

Our current parish office is not large enough for all the volunteers and clients who seek to be a part of our ministry.  Every year for the past 15-20 years we have sent away clients because of our limited space. A new ministry center with parish offices would increase our great ministry impact helping those who live in poverty right here.

Tax Program with English & Spanish-speaking Tax Aides handsraised

More bilingual individuals are especially needed! Volunteers (age 16 or older) contact Scott Wright  (734-821-2100)     We provide the training and the opportunity to apply the knowledge.

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