Monday, October 10, 2016

Thank You for Shelter at Alpha House

Alpha House - Thank You for the Shelter!

Families who are currently in a housing crisis and therefore residing at Interfaith Hospitality Network Alpha House, were the recipients of the following gifts from St. Francis Of Assisi parishioners: 
180 meals, 7 evenings of playtime, 7 nights of an emergency backup person, 3 baskets full of weekly supplies, and prayers for the families and the success of our week of service.

The families were very appreciative of the generosity from our St Francis community. Thank you to our coordinator, Vicki Hatch, and all the many volunteers who participated in this biannual service project...    Julie Allison-Conlin, Cathy Anderson, Jane Antosiak, Monika Barera, Erika Benavides, Suzanne Bixby, Herb Black, Lindy Campbell, Karen DeWulf, Patti Dobbs, Kate Fitzgerald, Georgette Giordano, Vicki Hatch, Mary Hayden, Jane Heibel, Marty Javornisky, Barbara Kelly-Ferris, Chris Kempton, Rosaleen Kirk, Donna Krukowski, Katie Lopez, Terry MacLean, Rosemary Markel, Tammy Michalec, Cathy Miling, Chris Mollo, Doreen Murphy, Lauren O'Connell, Sharon Ortisi, Bobbi Jo Sargent, Maryann Sultana, Christine Tomassi, & Sara Uytingco.

Thank you all for coming to Alpha House and helping to feed the families who reside there. On behalf of St. Francis, I want to thank you for your service.  Sincerely,  Vicki Hatch

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