Friday, December 6, 2019

Thank you for Christmas Party for Foundations Preschool

Foundations Preschool Christmas Dinner - Thank you!

               On Tuesday, December 3, 2019 our St. Francis parishioners catered a joyful Christmas Dinner for the families and staff of Foundations Preschool in Ann Arbor and the Young Adults of Washtenaw County. 

Both these groups and our parish St. Vincent Service Committee would like to thank the many volunteers including those who provided delicious food, those who set up and decorated, those who served the meal and cleaned afterward and those who supervised the children's activities. We especially would like to thank Ms. Linda Opaleski and the St. Francis School Choir for their beautiful Christmas music and Santa Claus himself for visiting the children.    Below is our list of over 80 "elf" helpers, workers and donators who helped us entertain our 151 guests:  

                Doris Filisko our Decorations coordinator and the St. Francis 6th grade and kindergarten classes who made the decorations, Jason Zurawski our Raffle man, Chris, Andrea, Cecilia, Tommy, and Miriam Kempton who organized the Activities, Felipe Ronquillo and Scott Wright who set up the room, Sharon Wright & Mary Hayden our overseerers, Linda and Jim Wiseman our cook and our dishwasher.  And the following workers and donators:  Agustina Canabez, Ingrid Caracas, Suzan Zick, Cathy Pietrusiak, Barb and Dick Dehn, Chris Mollo, Patti Dobbs, Tom and Marianne Powell, Donna Krukowski, Kristy Bonasso, Elaine Brandenburg, Annie Scott, Teri Billau, Theresa Frasca, Jane DeChants, Catherine and Kelly Ross, Kat Volz, Jean Teifer, Janette Ferrantino, Janet Reid, Tuffin Wagner, Clare Stando, Victoria Emch, Amy Remillard, Sharon Sheldon, Susan Bright, Agnes McPherson, Sue Conlin, Molly Lobdell, Tess and Ravi Raveendra, Domnica Helmick, Angie Mudd, Ann Denoyer, Diane Turek, Joan Podell, Jane Antosiak, Stephanie Powell, Elizabeth Cole, Jenny Thompson, Nancy Klaphake, Ginny McKillip, Anna Damiani, Susanne, Alexa, and Mariana Daniels, Christina and Miranda Lee, Barbara Murphy, Mary Lou Kellermann, Nancy Hobbs, Sharon Harrington, Cathy and Elizabeth Gormley, Margarita Garcia Roberts, Norma Orona,  Marionette Cano, Chad Bailey, Sharon Sprague, Elaine and Emma Caoili, Theresa Roth, Susan Baughn, and our great clean up crew Karen, Sean, Andrew and Jack DeWulf.  


Friday, November 22, 2019

Kenya water project

Between 2016-2018 our St. Francis Parish Family gave several Special Collections which have helped build a Dormitory at the St. Joseph School in Kakamega, Kenya for orphaned and vulnerable children. The dormitory offers 60 children ( K-8TH) “Pillars of Sustainable Life” like: safe supervised shelter, meals, access to education and, now, water too.  A reliable and sustainable water supply that the children can safely drink.
Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (SOM) run this school. Thank You for your contributions toward this effort. If you would like to learn more, you are welcome to email me at: MWAKEFELD2125@GMAIL.COM
Mary Wakefield, Peace & Justice Ministry
And/or, visit: 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thank You for the FOOD DRIVE - 569 bags


The St.Vincent Service Ministry at St. Francis would like to thank all who assisted in collecting food and personal goods for Catholic Social Services Northside Pantry, HOPE Center in Ypsilanti, Foundations Preschool in Ann Arbor, and our sister parish Corpus Christi in Detroit. This fall we were able to deliver 569 bags of goods to these organizations and each has offered their appreciation to you.

Our Ministry would also like to offer thanks to the following for making this project such a success. All those who donated food and goods, those who carried those bags to the gym and delivery cars, those who passed out bags and loaded and delivered the bags including: Viera Ciganikova-Shwaki, Nancy Hobbs, Sharon Sheldon, Meg Roberts, Anita Merritt, Elaine Brandenburg, Marisol Davis, Theresa Maclean, Kele Carnell, Brian O'Neil, Elaine Quinn, Cynthia Carnavale, Ed Wright, Teresa Welsh, Kim and Ed Pavicich, Roger Parlett, Richard Galant, Kathleen Homiak, Melissa Himich, Chris and Anthony Mollo, Jim Wiseman, and Kathi Tobey. We also appreciate those who went to the organizations to receive goods including Sharon Wright, Norma Doyle, Donna Krukowski and Carol McCaffrey and those who oversaw the drive including Mary Hayden, Linda Wiseman, Marianne and Tom Powell, and Scott Wright.

A special THANK YOU must go to Busch's Fresh Food Market on Main Street who provided the bags, the St. Francis High School Youth Group and Jake Kanitz who prepared the bags, and Warren Bonam and Dick and Barb Dehn for special assistance.   


Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Thanks for The Alpha House Shelter A-Team

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Friday, June 28, 2019

More pictures #2

Thanks Ike Odum for these More pictures #2

Some pictures

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Some pictures

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