Friday, June 28, 2019

More pictures #2

Thanks Ike Odum for these More pictures #2

Some pictures

Thank you Ike Odum for these photos.  #4

Some pictures

Thank you Ike Odum for these photos.   #3

More pictures

Thanks Ike Odum for these More pictures #1.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Thanks for FOOD DRIVE to CORPUS CHRISTI, Detroit


Despite Father's Day and heavy rain, our June St. Francis Food Drive collected over 375 bags of food and personal products that parishioners delivered to our sister parish Corpus Christi in Detroit AND to HOPE Clinic in Ypsilanti. 

Both organizations were most grateful for the assistance. HOPE restocked their pantry and Corpus Christi added to their pantry and will provide breakfasts and lunches to many neighborhood children during their summer camp. With school out many children will need these meals during the summer.

Our St. Vincent Service Committee would like to express our appreciation to Trader Joe's for providing grocery bags and to the St. Francis sixth graders and teachers for preparing the bags. We would also like to thank all the parishioners who purchased food and who carried the bags to the trailer and car despite the rain.  Special appreciation must go to:  Tijunelis, Indaja, and Vicki Andrius, Cynthia Carnevale, Trish Carney, Shirley Cohorst, Bob Conlin, Marisol Davis, Kathleen Downer, Norma Doyle, Michelle Eiden, Gabby Engelhart, Brooke Engelhart, Chris Feak, Glen Feak, Andy Jaworski, MaryJane Kata, MaryLou Kellermann, Donna Krukowski, Terry MacLean, LeeAnn McKeon, Naly Odum, Ike Odum, The Pilon Family, Virginia Pinten, Marianne Powell, Tom Powell, Elaine Quinn, Matt Schnaidt, Annie Scott, Ed Scott, Emily & Richard & Yolanda Segundo, Sharon Walker, Ed Wright, Sharon Wright, Miriam & Scott Wright, and Linda Wiseman & Jim Wiseman for providing the truck and trailer; and, our main overall volunteer coordinator for this drive, Mary Hayden. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

St. Joseph Kakamega Kenya

These pictures are received today from Sr. Agnes and St. Joseph Dormitory, Kakamega Kenya. 
Some of the children have written in the letter exchange with St. Francis of Assisi School children.
One of the pictures includes Sister Agnes SOM who visited St Francis last fall.
Looking forward to hearing information from the religious project group meeting.
From: Mary Wakefield 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Fwd: Thank you for Donate a Day

Thank you for Donate a Day (from Emmanuel House, Ann Arbor, Sr. Fran DePuydt)

Hi to all of you wonderful St Francis volunteers,
I can't thank you enough for all the work you did here at Emmanuel House last Saturday.  You all made our yard so beautiful and helped get our ladies all settled into their new home.  We are all so blessed to have had you here.
Many blessings on you!
Sr Fran