Monday, January 21, 2019

Thank God for MLK 2019

Thank God for MLK 2019

On Sunday, January 20, 2019, St. Francis of Assisi welcomed our sister parish Corpus Christi's choir to share a celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday with Mass and a fellowship meal. We hope the thoughts and preachings of Martin Luther King will remain with our parish throughout the year.  Many of our parishioners assisted in providing  the dinner and our St. Vincent Service Ministry would like to thank them for their help.   Jesus Hernandez, our wonderful caterer/chef prepared the menu with the aid of the following:  Linda Wiseman, Donna Krukowski, Sharon Wright, Tom and Marianne Powell, Mary Hayden, Scott Wright, Dick Brown, Paul Schwanki, Christopher Snipes, Anne and J.P. Denoyer, Mary Lou Kellermann Jean Teifer, Elaine Brandenberg, Claudia, Javier, and Mariana Farfan-Morales, Jerome Nriagu, Christine To, Sarah Tan and Marcello Maccani.   We are indebted to our great clean up crew as well including: Jim Wiseman, Michelle Eiden, Jake Kanitz, Juli Thylmann, Novena Maria Vianney, Lucie Conogan, Shin Choo, Leandra Wong, Sergio M. Espinoza and Gustavo Salazar-Roldon.

Thursday, November 30, 2017


     The St. Vincent Service Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi Church is pleased to let our parishioners know that our 2017 Thanksgiving Food Drive has far exceeded all previous collections.
        This Fall we collected 737 bags of food and personal products that we distributed to HOPE Center in Ypsilanti, Catholic Social Services Northside Pantry, Foundations Preschool in Ann Arbor, our sister parish Corpus Christi in Detroit, and U of M Maternal Infant Health Program serving Washtenaw County residents.
       The Infant Health Program received 115 packages of diapers which they said was the largest single donation they had received. Our Middle School students prepared over 60 boxes of Thanksgiving food for the families of Foundations Preschool and the staff was very grateful.
           HOPE, Northside Pantry, and Corpus Christi were also most appreciative of the larger than usual donations.
          Our Service Ministry would like to thank all the parishioners who donated goods and those who carried the bags to the gym or car. We could not have accomplished this project without all of you.
             Special thanks must go to those who passed out bags and who delivered food to the pantries including:  Lily and Tim Maguire, Teresa Welsh, Donna Krukowski, Dick and Barb Dehn, Elaine and Dale Brandenburg, Marianne and Tom Powell, Julie Allison-Conlin and Bob Conlin, Judy Rengert and Bill Yek, Kathy Ciesinski, Pamela Lowe, Anita Merrit, Christine and Glen Feak, Joan Podell, Susan Arthurs, Mary Hayden, Kenyon Schmanske, Sharon Sheldon, Elyce Rexer, Chris Kempton and Family, Mathew Vachaparampil, Linda and Jim Wiseman, Araya Wongklaw, Anna Domagala, Katie Millan, Kathleen Downer, Ed and Sharon Wright, Norma Doyle, Carol McCaffrey, Susan, Paul, and Catherine Bass, Katie, Bill, Mia, and Miguel Lopez, Carrie and Ronan Brannock, Scott Wright, Gemma and Sean Almendras, Sheela, Shyam, Meera, and Murli Pandey.
           A concluding Thank You to Mrs. Kathryn Dhitirojana and her 6th grade students who stapled the bags, Catherine Anderson and the Middle School students and to Matt Healy who delivered 900 bags to the school from our local TRADER JOE'S store on East Stadium Blvd.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Thank You for Shelter at Alpha House

Alpha House - Thank You for the Shelter!

Families who are currently in a housing crisis and therefore residing at Interfaith Hospitality Network Alpha House, were the recipients of the following gifts from St. Francis Of Assisi parishioners:
over 150 meals, 7 evenings of playtime, 7 nights of an emergency backup person, EXTRA weekly supplies, and prayers for the families and the success of our week of service.

The families were very appreciative of the generosity from our St Francis community. Thank you to our coordinator, Mark Sturgis, and all the many volunteers who participated in this biannual service project...     Moni Barera, Daniel Best, Herb Black ,Elaine Brandenburg, Lindy Campbell, Bob & Julie Conlin, Karen DeWulf, Mary Hayden, Tom Hearty, Jane Heibel, Marty Javornisky, Chris Kempton, Donna Krukowski, Dcn. Gene Leger, Jane Levy, Theresa Maclean, Chris Mollo, Doreen Murphy, Lauren O'Connell, Sharon Ortisi, Cathy Pietrasiuk, Catherine Pietryga, Sharon Sheldon, Janet Starr, Jane Stepnitz, Maryann & Emanuel Sultana.  Thank you all for coming to Alpha House and helping to feed the families who reside there. On behalf of St. Francis, I want to thank you for your service.  

Monday, August 28, 2017

URGENT: Hurricane Harvey leaves a path of destruction

Catholic Charities Hurricane Harvey Updates

Updates on Hurricane Harvey and Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston's response are posted here.  DONATE NOW...

Monday, August 14, 2017

numbers in Report & Canticle

2017 Annual Report in Canticle Newsletter August 

"When we attend to the needs of those in want, we give them what is theirs, not ours. More than performing works of mercy, we are paying a debt of justice." Catechism of the Catholic Church 2446 

Outreach to the vulnerable in our community is central to the Christian way of life. St. Francis Parish sponsors many service opportunities to assist those in need in our local community and beyond. New leaders stepped forward this year to coordinate the bi-annual service week at Alpha House (for families), as well as our parish Elizabeth Ministry that provides temporary help to those experiencing a life-changing event. 

Here again a new parish center will allow us to expand our outreach ministries and/or services to welcome and care for the needs of the vulnerable, strangers, homeless, hungry, thirsty, and ill members of our greater community. 

The 2017 Lenten giving for the Diocese of Kottapuram in India was: $12,7565.85 and the bishop there has contacted Fr. James to express his gratitude for our generosity. 

Likewise our Holy Week collection for the Christian Communities in the Middle East raised $9,286.00 to assist our brothers and sisters in this time of turmoil and difficulty. 

Our three food drives collected and delivered 1,545 bags of food. 

numbers for Report & Canticle

2017 Lenten Almsgiving Drive for INDIA!  $12,755.85  support for the Diocese of Kottapuram, India, to assist families in time of need, to care for the elderly and the disabled, educate farm workers and help finance small cottage industries that help communities to grow and prosper.

2017 Holy Thursday - Middle East - Holy Land -  $9,286.00  Helping our Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Holy Land -
for the Church in the Diocese of Jerusalem which included Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Cyprus. This year we will have two collections: one on Holy Thursday the other on Good Friday: both opportunities for us to share our blessings and to ensure that the Christian community in the Holy Land continues to flourish and to radiate Christ's love and mercy for all who share that rocky land with them.

Kenya Collection in July 2017 is $4,270.00...
St. Francis Parish assisted the building of the new dormitory at St. Joseph Academy - Primary School, in Kakamega, Kenya, with Sr. Agnes Khati of the Sisters of Mary of  Kakamenga, Kenya, for the orphan and vulnerable children.

-------------------------------------  -------------------------------------
45 people on Jubilee Pilgrimage Toronto Tuesday, October 11, 2016 -  Wed, Oct 12, 7:30pm.

70 people on A Family Pilgrimage to the Holy Door of Mercy at the Basilica and National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Ohio, Friday, November 4, 2016, 

56 people on A family to Pilgrimage to Chicago the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, in Des Plaines, Illinois, Tuesday, April 4, 2017, 
-------------------------------------  -------------------------------------

Pam:  You will probably also want to include other trips ... like to the Holy Land with Fr. James !!!!!
Also, the seniors trip (with 55 people) to Holland tulip Festival in May was NOT a real "Pilgrimage" but it was a senior trip.

Non-Perishable Food Donations: Every week of the year, all year long, members of St. Francis Parish bring non-perishable food items to Mass that are delivered by volunteers to local pantries. Volunteers deliver this food to the Northside Community Center of Catholic Social Services in Ann Arbor, and Hope Center in Ypsilanti, both feeding over 100 families a week.   

Food Drive November 2016 donated   566  bags of food and personal goods.

Food Drive Lent 2017 donated 597 bags of food and personal goods.

Food Drive June 2017 -- 382 bags of groceries transported to Corpus Christi parish in Detroit, for their summer children's camp.  

Alpha House Shelter -  Twice this year -(June 2017 & October 2016)- Six families in a housing crisis residing at Interfaith Hospitality Network Alpha House, were the recipients of the following gifts from St. Francis Of Assisi parishioners: 
180 meals, 7 evenings of playtime, 7 nights of an emergency backup person, 3 baskets full of weekly supplies, and prayers for the families and the success of our week of service.

Shelter at St. Francis Gym:  In March 2017 St. Francis Parish & School had over 60 volunteers hosting the 20 men for the Rotating Shelter.

Christmas Giving Tree over 1100 gifts for 15 organizations.

Christmas ReGIFT project provided 383 items (toys, household goods, and clothing) to Foundations Preschool and Alpha House Shelter in Ann Arbor and to the children and adults who reside at the St. Louis Center in Chelsea.  

Tax Program: On April 18th, 2017, our tax assistance program at St. Francis of Assisi efforts helped to return over $129,000 in tax refunds to our 102 or so clients in the greater Ann Arbor area! This program is run by about a dozen St. Francis volunteers.

Donate A Day at Emmanuel House, Home for the Elderly, in April 2017, our St. Francis Parish 25 volunteers accomplished many tasks:  Yard work, Furniture moving, Painting indoors, Window Washing inside and outside. 


Fwd: Thank you for the Food Drive

Thank you for the Food Drive

You assisted St. Francis Parish in delivering 566 bags of groceries:
181 bags to: Catholic Social Services NorthSide Pantry;
223 bags to: Hope Center;
55 bags to: Foundations Preschool;
72 bags to: Corpus Christi Parish, Detroit.

                   A special thank you to Mrs. Lemke and all the 6th graders who prepared the bags and Mrs. Anderson and all the Middle School students who made Thanksgiving baskets for Foundations Preschool.    
                     We are especially grateful to the Carpenter Road Kroger store for providing the grocery bags and to all the parishioners who donated food and personal products and/or delivered the bags to the gym. ...  David Acosta, Catherine Anderson, Suzanne Bixby, Zach Bixby, Mary Bowman, Elaine Brandenburg, Denise Cadavieco & the Cadavieco family, Cynthia Carnevale, Shirley Cohorst, Barb Dehn, Dick Dehn, Kathleen Downer, Norma Doyle, Christine Feak, Glen Feak, the Gottfried family, Adriana Ham, Mary Hayden, Claudia Hays & the Hayes family, Larry Keeler, Rosaleen Kirk, Donna Krukowski, Amy Longcore, Carol McCaffrey, Anita Merritt, Stuart Parker, Joan Podell, Tom Powell, Marianne Powell, Molly Pribble, Celestine Purnama, Donna Quiery, Maya Savarino, Kenyon Schmanske, Ed & Annie Scott, Sharon Sheldon, Curtis Simpson Jr. & Corpus Christi Catholic Parish, Detroit, Chenyang Sun Wiseman, Ion Covali Wiseman, James Wiseman, Linda Wiseman, & Ed and Sharon Wright.

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